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tv   News  ABC  February 14, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a ruling that takes a look at first amendment rights. the stories ahead on this tuesday morning valentine's day i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. happy volume entine's day. what's -- valentine's day. what's in store weather wise will it be cool or warmer? lynette charles has a look at the forecast. >> i tell you. let mow say happy valentine's day to everybody. let me tell you what's going on, we have light snow and rain that it looks like but it's not coming down. so hard and i will explain that in second. we have a return of the above temperatures as we go into the afternoon. and then we will have another dose of unsettled weather and then the weekend outlook, rain or snow. that's the question. so we had maryland's most powerful radar. let's start out with what's going on. you can see to the north. that's where the bulk of the snow is coming down across the area. we can zoom in around tawnytown and you see a mix of rain and snow but again, not a lot of this is hitting the ground.
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so maybe a couple flurries and sprinkles with this. more of the same over to towson and you can see this back in wood lawn and baltimore and forth off to the east around perry hall and kingsville and heavier snow. so a couple flurries a little bit of sprinkles out there as well. all right. let's check your traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and heading out for your tuesday morning commute, we have got an accident to watch for. traveling on the top side of 695, now according to maryland state police this accident is at perring parkway but we are not blocking lanes. everything has been moved over to the shoulder and we have a tow truck in route for that. in the meantime, we are looking pretty good as you make the drive on i-95. this is just north of the beltway on the southwest side. moving well in both directions and for those of you take the drive on u.s. 50 it's moving without any distraction westbound motorists coming across the bay bring. here's -- bridge. here's a live look at 50 east on st. margaret. follow us on twitter we have
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updates and drive times. as being see we are normal for this time of morning on the west side. from 795 to i-70, just a 7- minute drive. charley and megan over to you. >> new developments in the death of popeye conwhitney houston. the funeral could happen by the end of the week and abc2 news linda so is standing by this morning with all new details. linda. >> reporter: well, we have learned houston body has arrived at a funeral home in newark new jersey. her body was flown back aboard tyler perry's private jet. the hurst was escort ed by police to the airport to the funeral home a mile from the church where she sang as a child and it's the same place that handle the 2003 of her father. a large crowd gathered outside as houston's mother waited inside the funeral home. a source close to the family says the funeral will be held on friday or saturday. the family is considering a public memorial at the prudential center in newark an arena that holds about 18,000 people. houston's body was released to
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her family after the autopsy was completed. but authorities have not released a cause of death. they are waiting for toxicology results that should be available in 6 to 8 weeks. >> we do not know the cause of death or the circumstances leading up to the death. >> reporter: and we have learned she was seen by someone within an hour of her death. an l.a. coroner says no additional details will be released but what was discovered in the hotel room. linda so, abc2 news. 5:33. an ethics committee reached a conclusion on what's recommended to aaddress failure to disclose work a senator did for a grocery store chain. the recommendations will be brought to the senate this week so the case of senator curry who was acquitted last year relating to more 245,000 dollars in a bribee case in payments from shoppers food warehouse. a judge will hear arguments on whether a man accused of killing a patient at the state mental hospital is competent to
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stand try. he is charged in the death of a fellow clifton t perkins hospital patient. investigators say it was a second patient on patient slaying in a week at that hospital. surveillance video shows mayo going into the patient's room several times during the time and he was believed to have been killed. a federal judge says a suit against the baltimore city officers can move forwards. officers deleted videos from a man's cell phone after recording a confrontation between officers and a friend at preakness in 2010. the man feels he has a right to record police activity in a public setting and the seizure and deletion of his property was violation of the first amendment. >> the humiliation was enormous. also, i feel that it's happening at a place that pimlico what else is happening out there if they are doing it to me who else are they doing it to. >> a federal judge thinks it should go to trial.
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baltimore police department asked the judge to dismiss the suit and says officers artrained to allow recordings. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake says there's been progress in the past two years under her administration. now in the state of the city, rawlings-blake is proposing the largest property tax drop in decades. but the mayor's looking for ways to increase the revenue stream. she wants a three cent increase to the city's bottle tax and the money goes to improve city schools. >> i am truly embarrassed by the physical conditions of some of our schools. our kids deserve better. as a mother, be a as -- and as mayor of the city, i am not going to stand by and do nothing about it. >> we will learn more about the mayor's proposal when she releases her budget expected in the next few weeks. news time 5:35. news around the neighbors tv anchor in denver needed 70 stitches after an 85 pound dog
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bit her face during a live broadcast. kyle dyer wrote she can't talk because her mouth is stitchedshut and so blood can circulate in her lips again. she was injured on wednesday while doing an on-air seg men with the dog's owner and firefighter who rescued the dog from an icy pond the day before. a bus driver in north carolina was honored for helping students escape as the bus caught on fire. kid and parents gathered to say thank you to the woman who was calm under really scary circumstances and managed to get all the students off the burning bus safely. >> she is our hero. yeah forever. i don't think it's overstating we owe our kids' live. >> she didn't get us all off. thank you. >> i don't feel like a heroism felt like it's in our -- hero. i feel it's in our job description to do the job. >> and as for the bus. investigators say an
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electricalmalfunction in the dashboard caused the fire. cube cupid has been work for the past several decades in a neighborhood in minnesota. >> the majority of the couples in the neighborhood have been together for more than 50 years. six couples in total with the longest married couples being together for 70 years and they say that they are in love now just as much as they were 70 years ago. >> happy as can be. just. >> just like we were in our right mind. >> i wonder if i am in my right mind and i am married 7. >> that's the valentine's spirit good thing your wife is out town this's one house for sale on the street and you can go purchase it and hope some of that good marriage mojo maybe is passed on. >> who hasn't thought that before? angela. angela. angela. >> i am sorry yes charley i am here. >> the other way. >> every where you look it
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seems every one has a museum in up next the newest museum set to open in sin city. seems like the appropriate spot for the likes of alcapone and bugsy and. voting problems around the presidential election. we will fill you in on the problems democrats and republicans wants fixed before the november election but first a check on weather with lynette. >> sprinkle out there right now and a few flurries. but, what is it look like for valentine night plans? i will have the details coming up. and on the roads we are following an accident on the top side of the beltway. and, of course, we have got problems on 95 for you as well. we will let you know about that as you drive to work, the fort mchenry tunnel. details straight ahead. [clucking].
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5:41. thanks for joining us many after six years of planning and work the mob museum is ready to open their doors in downtown las vegas. exhibits include both sides of the battle between organized crime and law enforcement along with artifacts and interactive exhibits. visitors can shoot a simulated tommy gun and listen to surveillance tapesch the museum
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opened the stores today on anniversary of the st. valentine's day massacre. we have a dog actors that can get awards and five poochs collected prizes at golden collar awards. >> it preceded like the hollywood style award show. trophies were handed out the four legged star of the artist was named top dog in a movie. do you think they ask who are you wearing? >> sure. >> on the red carpet? all right, first they cut flights now jobs. >> one airline says layoffs will have to happen but this morning, many wonder what's next. this year grammy awards had it all including good ratings. we will give you the numbers when we come back. but first, we will head to break and take a live picture this morning at sometime square. quiet there. we will be right back. ♪
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5:45 and new police released video of a convicted yoga shop killer lying to police about the day her coworker died. linda so is standing by with the all new chilling audio. linda. >> reporter: you can hear brittany norwood giving a detailed account to investigators. turned out it was a lie. this video is from an interview
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with detectives one week after norwood murdered her coworkerjayna murray. it's the third intervie with police. norwood claims murray was murdered and she was raped by two men who burst into the store. she never confessed to the killing but she did begin to contradict herself listen. >> he cut my stomach and my chest. and i was trying to fight him. he hit me in my head. >> she was very, very believable at times. when appropriate she cried and her hands were shaking. so she was able to. >> police released video from the apple store next to the yoga shop showing employees listent to brutal assault and murray's dying pleas for help but they never called police. one employee thought it was just women's drama. linda so, abc2 news. 5:46 right now. democracy 2012 this morning. a new report by the pew center find nearly 2 million dead
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people are currently registered to vote. and 24 million registrations are invalid or inaccurate. the -- this is widespread voter fraud but it raises concerns the system is vulnerable. election official say one problem is americans move around a lot. and when they do, they seldom alert the local election office to let them know they have left. to national polls show the race for the republican presidential nomination appears to be a tie between mitt romney and rick san towrm. 32% of republicans favor romney followed closely by santorum with 30%. newt gingrich trails with 16% and representative ron paul has 8%. today a group from the outside madison square garden protested against mitt romney. dogs against romney will assure they know mitt romney is mean to dogs referencing a story of him putting the family dog in a
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kennel on top of the roof of the car while driving from boston to canada in 1983. the story has been around for years but many are pulling it out as new fodder for the political season. and an attorney for timothy curley filed a motion to have the charges dropped. curley was charged with perjury after official say he misled a grand jury. this stems from a report he received a information that a graduate assistant saw former assistant football coach jerry sandusky showering with a young boy in the campus locker room. the former penn state assistant football coach will be allowed to see his grandchildren. a judge ruled he can see his grand kids while he awaits trial on child sex abuse allegation. he cannot see all of his grand kids and no further details were released. and first there were flights now jobs. about 500 jobs will be taking off from mitchell airport in milwaukee. frontier airlines is laying off employees and half of those
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jobs are flight crew members who will be reassigned to bases outside milwaukee. this is the first time -- this is not the first time they have cut jobs. they eliminated 213 workers in november and another 120 in january. university of baltimore is trash talking greatest sports legend. they are not bad mouthing him but use him for the well-known sports figures promoting see recycling. they despec the sports legends on a fence and letting the public vote for the favorite by putting recycables in the bins. the bins that collect the most recycled goods by the end of the month will be determined as the winner. and speaking of sports, spring training beginning today for a lot of major league ball clubs. that means orioles will be back in action soon. exhibition games start march 5th and o's play the rays and pirates on that day. o's home opener is april 6th at camden yards and we are planning a live show for that.
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perhaps it was the tribute to whitney houston or the performance by adele whatever the reason many of you tuned in to watch the grammys. 9 million viewers tuned into the grammy awards show, that's highest since 1984. and the second largest viewership ever. goucher college senior on jeopardy will appear on day two of the finals. >> she smoked her competition from duke and george washington. >> she is one of three finalists who will compete in the two-day final on jeopardy's college championship. no matter how she does, she is gain towed to walk away -- guaranteed to walk away with $25,000. >> if she wins she will earn 100,000. you can watch tonight at 7 on abc2. good luck to sarah. time for a check of the forecast. and it's a wild card today because we want cool temperatures for the fact you know it's february but it's kind of hit or miss. >> exactly. and the reason why one of the reasons is the fact that it's
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too dry outside. we can see the dew points in the 20s basically everywhere easton coming in around 30. so that dry air is really making it evaporate before hitting surface and we call that virga and we are dealing with the fact we are dealing with temperatures above freezing in baltimore 34 there and more of the same in easton along the eastern shore. close to 40 in dc and we had at freezing in york and frederick and winchester. we have a couple factors fighting against us for the snow. weather pattern looks like this as we will see try to get it in here but, as we like cross the bay, we are seeing a little bit of a wintery mix switching over to rain and that's going to be the scenario as we go into the afternoon. more rain because the temperatures are going to get well above freezing. future trend not so impressive. not picking up on a lot going into motion. things fizzle out but i am keeping that chance of rain in here as we go into the
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afternoon. dinner plans take the rain gear with you just in case. and you know men be the gentleman and put it over the woman's head and that whole thing or i know, lay your jacket down and let them go over the puddle. going into thursday, that will be the next chance for some rain in the forecast today 48 degrees and light rain showers and flurries to sprinkles by tonight that temperature coming in around 34 degrees and tomorrow 52 a and sun cloud mix a bit more child. now traffic with angela. >> reporter: out on the roads, clear the accident on the top side of the beltway but other trouble spots to tell you about. southbound 95 at keith avenue, we are trying to get rid of a disabled vehicle. it's partially in the roadway. also on 95 this up in havre de grace where we are blocking a left lane southbound ase at 155 emergency roadwork going on there. the accident gone off the beltway, 695 looking pretty good especially on southeast side at bw parkway and live look at north side at
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providence road outer loop lanes picking up in volume but no early delays to report as the drive times are pretty good for the time of morning. five minutes on harrisburg expressway to the beltway. back over to you. in august vice president joe biden traveled to central asia on a diplomatic trip. >> who is speced later today for a visit to the white house. and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake hands out the awards for the cleanest communities in the city. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday, february 14th, it's valentine's day. hope the day is off to a great starts. -- start.
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five things to know it's going to be an international valentine day at the white house at the invitation of vice- president joe biden. china's vice president will visit after biden visited china last august. a judge is expected to rule today on the motion to throw out the arrest of general her hudson's exbrother -- jennifer hudson's exbrother-in-law who is charged in the october 2008 death of hudson's mother, and her brother and hudson's nephew 7-year-old julian king. tim cook will deliver the
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keynote address at a san francisco party as part of a conference for the area tech conference. the speech marks the first public appearance since steven job's death on october 5th. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will promote the clean community competition. the contft promotes environmentally -- contest promotes environmentally friendly cities. maryland lieutenant governor will testify today before a senate committee supporting legislation it be legislation to allow -- legislation to allow veterans to be recognized. it will reportedly help get vets gain easier access to available service and resources. news time 5:57. counting civil -- county civil leaders see jury duty as a sick duty. >> what maryland law makers are trying to pass to make it easier and you might be heavier the next time you are called to serve. a big day for testifying for governor o'malley.
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the issue he is pushing and says is tops on the agenda. also the parent who loves talking but -- parrot who loves talking but has only one topic to talk about. we will tell you all about it ahead.
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